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Administrative Leadership

St. Mary Catholic Church
684 South Third Street
Columbus, OH 43206

Finance Council, Corpus Christi & St. Ladislas

Mary Beth Krecsmar, President

The 1983 Revised Code of Canon Law (c537) requires the creation of a Parish Finance Council to advise the Pastor in the administration of parish temporalities. The council’s function is to assist the Pastor in the prudent planning and administration of all parish financial matters and to provide effective advice in the management of parish assets.

In fulfilling its responsibilities, the Parish Finance Council must be directed by the values of the Gospel as well as by good business practice. Efficient and effective use and management of parish resources must be measured as much by their contribution to the parish mission and ministry as by commonly accepted business standards.

The Council consists of nine lay members who are appointed by the Pastor and serve three-year terms. Upon completion of the initial term, the Pastor may request that a board member continue to serve for another three-year term. The Finance Council meets monthly.

Parish Council, Corpus Christi & St. Ladislas

Forest Pepper, President

The purpose of the member council is to advise and assist the Pastor in matters of importance to the parish, provide strategic planning and foster communication and coordination among parish organizations. Members are elected each spring by parishioners and serve three-year terms. The council meets monthly, usually on the third Tuesday of the month. Meetings are open to all members of the parish (PGC compliance required to be a council member).

Stewardship Committee, Corpus Christi & St. Ladislas

Stewardship is the humble acknowledgment that everything we have, our time, our talents and all our worldly treasures, come from God. Christian stewardship calls upon each of us to: nurture our relationship with God through prayer (time), put our faith into action through our service (talent), and to share our gifts with others by giving (treasure). The Stewardship Committee strives to assist our parishioners in being good stewards of the many blessings God has bestowed upon us.  The Stewardship Committee seeks spiritually motivated, actively involved individuals with the ability to envision where the broad practice of stewardship. Members serve three-year terms. The Stewardship Committee meets monthly.

Maintenance Committee, Corpus Christi & St. Ladislas

The Maintenance Committee reports to the finance council. Duties include: making periodic reviews of the conditions of the church, school, church office, rectory, and any other land or property owned by the church parishes.  The committee identifies potential problems and makes recommendations to the council in order to protect the buildings and the safety of those who use them.  The Maintenance Committee meets monthly.